Aww. Anglican Priest & Muslim Imam Bond Over Their Love for Amazon

Amazon has released a new television advertisement featuring a Catholic priest and Muslim imam chumming it up over a cup of tea.


The dialogue-free commercial opens with an imam in full Islamic regalia visiting the home of an elderly man in plain clothes and clerical collar, where they make small talk, laughing and touching each other affectionately.

As they stand to bid farewell, both grab their knees in pain. Moments later, after parting ways, they place orders on their Amazon Prime smartphone applications. Gift boxes are delivered to each man from the other, followed by scenes of the the imam entering a mosque, and the other man entering a Catholic church, now in priests’ robes.

It is then revealed that they sent knee pads to each other, as both kneel and pray in their respective ‘houses of worship.’

Predictably, the mainstream media is ecstatic about the new ad, universally propagating the talking point that it is a “total repudiation of Trumpism,” according to the Daily Beast.

“Amazon’s ad offers a not-so-subtle counterargument to some of the angry anti-Muslim rhetoric espoused by President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters,” wrote David Goldman at CNN. “As talk bubbles of Muslim registries and even a potential ban on Muslim immigrants, Amazon’s message offers a different approach: We are people first. We embrace the things that make us different, but we’re all very much the same. Muslims have arthritis, too.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, made a rare appearance on Twitter to express his pride in the commercial.

Islamic historian, Cristina Laila, offered her take on the message behind the advertising.

“It’s another way to put Muslims on your TV, on your computers, in your homes – as if they are in the fabric of western society,” she said. “Amazon is implying that an Imam and a priest both basically pray to the same god as if they’re the same religion, same belief system.”

“The depiction of an Imam walking into a priest’s home and hugging him and having tea with him is ridiculous.”

The web retailer recently came under fire for banning sales of the Confederate flag – while still carrying ISIS and Hamas flags, paraphernalia, and publications.

A Catholic priest in Normandy, France, was beheaded in July by Muslim terrorists in Islamic garb. They stormed the church during morning mass and forced the priest to kneel at the altar, while they filmed themselves slitting his throat in front of the congregation.

Comments have been disabled for the Amazon video, in contrast with most other content posted to their YouTube channel.


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