The Face of Treachery

The Face of Treachery

Pizzagate.  It’s a thing.  It’s real.  It’s Santan’s capstone.  And it’s our job to expose it.


Nobody cucks (sell out his own people, his own country, and even his own family) harder than senior Senator John McCain.  He’s even turned on his own party, in his relentless attacks against Donald Trump.  After learning about the Uniparty, that is the deep-state banking and media interests and foreign influencers who really control our politicians, we can be assured that a traitor like John McCain is one of their best tools.



Like Arab Sands Through The Hourglass

Like Arab Sands Through The Hourglass

Welcome to the brand new conservative Christian news site “The Crusader’s Herald.”

We have many high hopes for this blog, not to mention many high hopes for the entire Western World!  Things have been on a tragic downward spiral for some time now. Never ending wars, 3rd-world level corruption among the highest members of our government and the media elite, a drug epidemic that’s finally made it’s way to the suburbs…


But God’s love has never left us!  And many in their suffering have turned inward, and reflected on our true nature as created children of God.  These people quickly realized how important it is that we get back to contact with Him, and daily prayer and carrying out His will.  The election of Donald Trump, against all odds, is something in particular that should give us hope.  His level of personal devotion was probably never exceptionally high, but I don’t doubt that he is a Christian, and most importantly that he recognizes America as a Christian nation, and that any claim to the contrary is ludicrous.

If nothing else, at least he’s not afraid to say “Merry Christmas!”

Welcome to “The Crusader’s Herald,” a refuge for conservative Christians, both Catholic and Protestant.

Bryan O’Brien

Editor in Chief
Aww. Anglican Priest & Muslim Imam Bond Over Their Love for Amazon

Aww. Anglican Priest & Muslim Imam Bond Over Their Love for Amazon

Amazon has released a new television advertisement featuring a Catholic priest and Muslim imam chumming it up over a cup of tea.


The dialogue-free commercial opens with an imam in full Islamic regalia visiting the home of an elderly man in plain clothes and clerical collar, where they make small talk, laughing and touching each other affectionately.

As they stand to bid farewell, both grab their knees in pain. Moments later, after parting ways, they place orders on their Amazon Prime smartphone applications. Gift boxes are delivered to each man from the other, followed by scenes of the the imam entering a mosque, and the other man entering a Catholic church, now in priests’ robes.

It is then revealed that they sent knee pads to each other, as both kneel and pray in their respective ‘houses of worship.’

Predictably, the mainstream media is ecstatic about the new ad, universally propagating the talking point that it is a “total repudiation of Trumpism,” according to the Daily Beast.

“Amazon’s ad offers a not-so-subtle counterargument to some of the angry anti-Muslim rhetoric espoused by President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters,” wrote David Goldman at CNN. “As talk bubbles of Muslim registries and even a potential ban on Muslim immigrants, Amazon’s message offers a different approach: We are people first. We embrace the things that make us different, but we’re all very much the same. Muslims have arthritis, too.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, made a rare appearance on Twitter to express his pride in the commercial.

Islamic historian, Cristina Laila, offered her take on the message behind the advertising.

“It’s another way to put Muslims on your TV, on your computers, in your homes – as if they are in the fabric of western society,” she said. “Amazon is implying that an Imam and a priest both basically pray to the same god as if they’re the same religion, same belief system.”

“The depiction of an Imam walking into a priest’s home and hugging him and having tea with him is ridiculous.”

The web retailer recently came under fire for banning sales of the Confederate flag – while still carrying ISIS and Hamas flags, paraphernalia, and publications.

A Catholic priest in Normandy, France, was beheaded in July by Muslim terrorists in Islamic garb. They stormed the church during morning mass and forced the priest to kneel at the altar, while they filmed themselves slitting his throat in front of the congregation.

Comments have been disabled for the Amazon video, in contrast with most other content posted to their YouTube channel.

Muslims Outraged Over Doormat That Says “Allah”

Muslims Outraged Over Doormat That Says “Allah”

Amazon has removed a third-party line of ‘door and dog mats’ featuring the Arabic word for God – Allah – after a complaint from Muslim users, including a British politician.3add97be00000578-3984112-offensive_-a-36_1480459257046

The mats – sold through Amazon by a number of independent users including ‘Dargon
One’, ‘Trendy Mats’ and ‘Gear One’ – had been garnering complaints from Muslims since June, according to RT.

But it was only when Mariam Khan – a Councillor in the English city of Birmingham – complained on Twitter Monday that the site took the items off the market.


‘These mats are extremely offensive to Muslims & out of order,’ Khan wrote. ‘@amazon @AmazonHelp please remove these from your site immediately.’

She called the company to complain, earning an apology and promise to remove the items, but she said that the company would take them down faster if her followers complained – which they duly did.

Anam Hoque said the items were ‘disgusting’, ‘irresponsible’ and promoted ‘hatred’ and ‘islamophobia’.

Moeed Sheikh, meanwhile, called the items ‘Disgraceful & Diabolical’, adding: ‘shame on @amazon & @AmazonHelp for selling these door mats’.

But others mocked the eventual removal.

Conservative talk show host Phil Valentine tweeted: “Amazon caves to pressure to remove Allah doormats. What happened to if you’re offended don’t buy it?”


“You must be new here.”

Amazon’s terms and conditions prohibit the selling of items “that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views”.

Evangelicals Want Christmas Back at Pennsylvania Avenue

Evangelicals Want Christmas Back at Pennsylvania Avenue

(Photos by Getty Images)

Anti-LGBT evangelicals want Trump to reclaim the White House from Obama’s rainbow cooties by hanging a giant ‘Merry Christmas’ banner.

President Obama, was a big fan of usurping the power of the executive branch. He especially didn’t like to miss an opportunity to shove his Cultural Marxist agenda down American society’s collective throat. In one incident we can all be proud of, he famously ordered the White House to be lit up in rainbow colours in 2015, following the Supreme Court ruling that brought same-sex marriage to all 50 states.

Teleprompter equipped, he parroted some heroic platitudes:

“All people should be treated equal regardless of who they love.”

We traditionalist Christians of course are never impressed with his shenanigans. Conservative radio was quick to criticize his actions and his attempt to pass an assault on our values off as “heroic” by sputtering tired boiler-plate banalities at us. Speaking on American Family Radio, activists from the evangelical American Family Association called for Donald Trump to reclaim the White House from homosexuality by writing ‘Merry Christmas’ on the side of it.

Noting Trump’s repeated use of the phrase “Merry Christmas” at rallies – words that some evangelicals accurately note Obama avoids saying – AFA President Tim Wildmon made the suggestion of hanging a banner from the White House.


Right Wing Watch, a group dedicated to repeating the standard “Wow. Just wow.” at anything traditional or anyone advocating common sense, definitely had a problem with the things being said in the video:

  • “Good for Donald Trump! Go, Donald, go!”
  • “He’s probably going to hang a ‘Merry Christmas banner in front of the White House, the way he’s going.”
  • “None of this Happy Holidays… it’s Christmas we’re celebrating!”
  • “Wouldn’t that be wonderful, if he put ‘Merry Christmas’ on the White House like Obama put the rainbow colors on the White House. Wouldn’t you love to see that?”


The limp-wristed cynics over at the liberal critique site quipped:

“The call is somewhat confusing, given Trump doesn’t actually take office until January 20 – which is decidedly past the socially-acceptable period for Christmas decorations.”

Hopefully Trump will show his true commitment to the cause of Christmas by hanging the “Merry Christmas” banner all year round!

HBO’s Blasphemous New Series “Young Pope”

HBO’s Blasphemous New Series “Young Pope”

HBO’s new miniseries, The Young Pope, portrays the fictional Catholic leader as a lustful (possibly bisexual) narcissist whose self-serving reign over the Vatican proves ever-more controversial with each episode, according to early reviews.

Through ten episodes, the Paolo Sorrentino-directed Vatican fantasy follows Pope Pius XIII Lenny Belardo (Jude Law), who, at 47, becomes the first American Pope in history.

Pius, according to a Hollywood Reporter review of the first two episodes at the Venice Film Festival, is depicted as “arrogant, whimsical and hilariously destructive,” and “comes off as a borderline anti-Christ not only in his power-mad dreams, but in all his dealings with the cardinals and the Curia.”

His Holiness, according to the THR review, “is so unpredictable he could swing either way.” In an unguarded moment, the Pope also admits that “he personally doesn’t believe in God.”

Chock-full of bareknuckle political beefs, the Pope is seen settling scores with rival cardinals — forcing one out on the accusation of homosexuality.

Pope Pius’ arch nemesis, Cardinal Voiello (Silvio Orlando), the Vatican’s the Secretary of State, is described as having, “sexual fantasies.”

In what is sure to offend perhaps a great many Catholics who might happen upon it, The Young Pope pushes the limits with its portrayal of the papacy — leaving one to imagine if such an outrageously offensive mocking of, say, Islam would be as eagerly paraded to wide audiences.

The Young Pope also stars Diane Keaton, who plays Sister Mary, an American nun living in Vatican City, as well as Silvio Orlando, Scott Shepherd, Cécile de France, Javier Cámara, Ludivine Sagnier, Toni Bertorelli and James Cromwell.

The Young Pope will premiere sometime in 2016 on HBO in the United States and on Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. 


Pope Forgot Ways Jesus ISN’T Like a Muslim “Refugee”

Pope Forgot Ways Jesus ISN’T Like a Muslim “Refugee”

Yes, you remember when Jesus killed 130 people in Paris, and when he threatened to conquer the Vatican and behead the Pope himself, don’t you? Is the Pope actually saying that to be concerned about jihad terrorists and Sharia supremacists flooding into Europe with the migrant influx is tantamount to rejecting Jesus? Is he saying that opposing this influx out of concern for one’s family and society makes one un-Christian? No wonder the Church is offering no help against the Muslim migrant influx, but only making sure the gates are flung open as wide as possible. For the Pope, apparently, the only acceptable definition of Christian charity is society and civilizational suicide.

Remember, this Pope has said that “we can speak today of an Arab invasion” of Europe — and it is one he is actively abetting. But the problem with the newcomers is not that they are Arabs, but that they are adherents of a violent and supremacist ideology that has a will to conquer and subjugate non-Muslim Europeans. If they succeed, it will be in large part because of the ignorance, complacency, and willing help of Pope Francis and his minions.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

Pope Francis Washing Muslim’s Feet At Easter Mass:  Catholicism’s Low-Water Mark

“Christmas reminds us Jesus was migrant, like today’s refugees, pope says,” Daily Caller, December 11, 2016:

VATICAN CITY — As Pope Francis officially opened this year’s Christmas Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square, he said Jesus was a “migrant” who reminds us of the plight of today’s refugees. Francis told donors who contributed both the Nativity set and an 82-foot tree that the story of Jesus’ birth echoes the “tragic reality of migrants on boats making their way toward Italy” from the Middle East and Africa today.

“The sad experience of these brothers and sisters recalls that of baby Jesus, who at the time of his birth could not find a place to stay when he was born in Bethlehem,” the pope said Friday (Dec. 9) during a brief address in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall. “He was then taken to Egypt to escape threats from Herod.”

This year’s Christmas tree is an evergreen from northern Italy. The Nativity scene was donated by the government of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta and that country’s Catholic bishops. It was produced by Maltese artist Manwel Grech and features 17 figures dressed in traditional Maltese costumes as well as a replica of a typical Maltese boat…

The pope has spoken out in support of refugees many times and said there were many stories of migration in the Bible. “Today the current economic crisis unfortunately fosters attitudes of closure instead of welcome,” he said during a weekly audience at the Vatican in October.

“In some parts of the world walls and barriers are being built. It appears that the silent work of men and women who, in different ways, do what they can to help and assist refugees and migrants is being drowned out by the noise made by those who give voice to an instinctive egoism,” he said.

Against All Odds, Electoral College Certifies DJT

Against All Odds, Electoral College Certifies DJT



President-elect Donald Trump celebrated the official tally of the electoral college vote,taking the opportunity to boast about his unexpected victory.

“Today marks a historic electoral landslide victory in our nation’s democracy,” he said in a statement.

Trump has been celebrating his victory since winning the election on November 8th. But he took the opportunity to humiliate the media and Democratic protesters after weeks of speculation that the electoral college could theoretically choose a different candidate.

“We did it!” he wrote on Twitter. “Thank you to all of my great supporters, we just officially won the election (despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media).”

Trump thanked his supporters and the American people for electing him as their president.

“The official votes cast by the Electoral College exceeded the 270 required to secure the presidency by a very large margin, far greater than ever anticipated by the media,” he said.

Trump cited the “millions of hard working men and women” who supported his campaign, but he did not note his opponent Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote.

“With this historic step we can look forward to the bright future ahead. I will work hard to unite our country and be the President of all Americans,” he said. “Together, we will make America great again.”