Evangelicals Want Christmas Back at Pennsylvania Avenue

(Photos by Getty Images)

Anti-LGBT evangelicals want Trump to reclaim the White House from Obama’s rainbow cooties by hanging a giant ‘Merry Christmas’ banner.

President Obama, was a big fan of usurping the power of the executive branch. He especially didn’t like to miss an opportunity to shove his Cultural Marxist agenda down American society’s collective throat. In one incident we can all be proud of, he famously ordered the White House to be lit up in rainbow colours in 2015, following the Supreme Court ruling that brought same-sex marriage to all 50 states.

Teleprompter equipped, he parroted some heroic platitudes:

“All people should be treated equal regardless of who they love.”

We traditionalist Christians of course are never impressed with his shenanigans. Conservative radio was quick to criticize his actions and his attempt to pass an assault on our values off as “heroic” by sputtering tired boiler-plate banalities at us. Speaking on American Family Radio, activists from the evangelical American Family Association called for Donald Trump to reclaim the White House from homosexuality by writing ‘Merry Christmas’ on the side of it.

Noting Trump’s repeated use of the phrase “Merry Christmas” at rallies – words that some evangelicals accurately note Obama avoids saying – AFA President Tim Wildmon made the suggestion of hanging a banner from the White House.


Right Wing Watch, a group dedicated to repeating the standard “Wow. Just wow.” at anything traditional or anyone advocating common sense, definitely had a problem with the things being said in the video:

  • “Good for Donald Trump! Go, Donald, go!”
  • “He’s probably going to hang a ‘Merry Christmas banner in front of the White House, the way he’s going.”
  • “None of this Happy Holidays… it’s Christmas we’re celebrating!”
  • “Wouldn’t that be wonderful, if he put ‘Merry Christmas’ on the White House like Obama put the rainbow colors on the White House. Wouldn’t you love to see that?”


The limp-wristed cynics over at the liberal critique site quipped:

“The call is somewhat confusing, given Trump doesn’t actually take office until January 20 – which is decidedly past the socially-acceptable period for Christmas decorations.”

Hopefully Trump will show his true commitment to the cause of Christmas by hanging the “Merry Christmas” banner all year round!


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