Like Arab Sands Through The Hourglass

Welcome to the brand new conservative Christian news site “The Crusader’s Herald.”

We have many high hopes for this blog, not to mention many high hopes for the entire Western World!  Things have been on a tragic downward spiral for some time now. Never ending wars, 3rd-world level corruption among the highest members of our government and the media elite, a drug epidemic that’s finally made it’s way to the suburbs…


But God’s love has never left us!  And many in their suffering have turned inward, and reflected on our true nature as created children of God.  These people quickly realized how important it is that we get back to contact with Him, and daily prayer and carrying out His will.  The election of Donald Trump, against all odds, is something in particular that should give us hope.  His level of personal devotion was probably never exceptionally high, but I don’t doubt that he is a Christian, and most importantly that he recognizes America as a Christian nation, and that any claim to the contrary is ludicrous.

If nothing else, at least he’s not afraid to say “Merry Christmas!”

Welcome to “The Crusader’s Herald,” a refuge for conservative Christians, both Catholic and Protestant.

Bryan O’Brien

Editor in Chief

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